About Us

Bear River East (BRE) Baptist Church

We are a friendly group of people who come together to share our faith and show love and compassion to all who seek and visit our church. We are a small church, where everyone has a voice and we are always willing and ready to lend a hand. We have a weekly worship service, a weekly bible study, and participate in events in our greater community as well as hosting our own.  

Our congregation has a history of over 100 years in our community of Bear River East as a community church. Once home to both the United Church and the Baptist Church, the Bear River East church was reorganized in 2005 as an Atlantic Baptist Church. We continue to grow in Sunday Worship attendance and in membership. BRE Baptist church provides community outreach, as well as fellowship through a weekly Bible Study and a monthly Men's Breakfast. During the year we have game nights, movie nights and host gospel music nights when able. We are always looking for ways to reach more people for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.