COVID-19 Regulations


July 9, 2020

Please Note, the Sunday school will not be reopening at this time.

We suggest that you through email, text or phone call, let the pastor or a member of the Advisory board know that you are planning to attend. This will help us in knowing the numbers who may come and keeping it at the amount where we can practice physical distancing.

We will continue to live stream the Pastor’s message on Facebook. However, the time of the live stream has changed to approx. 10:15 AM – 10:20 AM. We will upload it to our Youtube channel (Bear River East Baptist Church) following the service.

If you are planning to attend the worship service at BRE Baptist Church, listed below are the regulations you are asked to follow and adhere to.

Please exercise physical distancing as much as possible.

At the door you will be asked a few questions, and your name will be recorded that you had attended. You will need to sanitize your hands upon entering. Masks are optional.

An usher will escort you to a seat, where you are to remain until the service is over. You may bring a bottle of water or juice, but you must take the container back out with you. Also, whatever items you bring in with you for personal use, must be taken out with you.

Families will sit together. Total number of worshippers including the pastor is 50% of our capacity as long as physical distancing is applied. 

Every other pew will be used to honour physical distancing.

You can greet people with a hello or hi, but not a physical greet like, a handshake, a hug, or touch another person. 

Offering plates will be near the entrance if you wish to leave your tithes and offerings. If you have been using e-transfer you may continue to do so.

Washrooms are available for emergency use.

It has been strongly emphasized by the Nova Scotia Health Authority that members of a congregation refrain from singing, so we will not be singing until further notice.

After the Service:

Households are to leave together. Sanitize your hands on leaving.

We understand that some will be nervous about attending worship for a time. We want our worship services to be a positive experience for everyone. So, come back when you are ready to do so. As mentioned earlier, we will continue with live streaming the message on Facebook and uploading it to our Youtube channel.